Saturday, December 31, 2011

Henry's Hero

So I know I said, "That's my story and I'm sticking to it" in my last post, but apparently, after being challenged by my brother Randy,  I lied.
This is Asash the Sumo grand champion.  He is amazing according to Henry.  Notice the sleeked back hair to his topnotch.  Observe the steely and determined gaze which you could not see if the hair was covering those eyes.  This guy is the real deal. 
Do you see a similarity between the champ and Henry?  After my last post, Randy sent me a set of rules.  I don't know if I should break little Henry's heart and share those rules with him.  What do you think?  He is young enough to admire his Uncle R - but there are five of you uncles out there!  Consider Randy's rules and tell me what you think!

Randall  said...
Rule #1: no pony tails on dogs, see Rule #2
Rule #2: Ribbons on ponytails are absolutely forbidden, see Rule #3
Rule #3: See Rule #1

Was Henry successful in his emulation of the grand champion?  Should he give up and forfeit his efforts?  From the right angle, he not only looks like sumo in training, but has the additional bonus of appearing to have a sprinkler on his head!  Could it possibly get better than that?


  1. Henry is cute with a ribbon, so I have no problem. I'm getting a pink ribbon for Billy, but don't tell Randy, ok? he he he...

    By the way, Henry may like Hakuho (the current grand champion) better than Asashoryu; Hakuho is cute like Henry!

  2. Well, duh! Of course if Henry gains about 300 pounds, then wearing a ribbon on a pony tail would be "dead sexy." I just assumed that would go without saying!