Monday, January 2, 2012

Hakuho. Henry's New Hero!

Henry is a fickle pup. My sister, Misumi suggested that Hakuho might be a more appropriate hero for Henry.

So we researched - and I must say Henry and I both agree.  The new grand champion, Hakuho is ringing honesty and family values back into a sport that has suffered under the taint of illegal gambling and ties to organized crime.

Henry also likes Hakuho's topnotch, his two darling children and his beautiful wife. 

Emailed - from brother #2:
"There is absolutely nothing wrong with Henry's ponytail! Unless you don't want him to be laughed at by all the other dogs, if that is a concern I'd ditch the doo before leaving the house. If you and he really need to see past the bangs, scissors will take care of that. I'd also agree with Stephanie on the retired lady thing. Must be a SoCal thingy!"

Henry's comment: "Told you so!"

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