Thursday, January 26, 2012

Delicately Put

There is just no easy way to tell this story.  Henry and I love our walks but something seems to be going on here.  The pup walks politely at my side (most of the time) all chipper and cute.  When I stop, he stops and sits at my side (...again most of the time).  His gorgeous dark eyes focus on his Human as if perfection is his normal.  Very nice so far. 

The last two days, Henry has given his perky, happy walk a new addition.  Yesterday he decided the moderately busy cross-walk at California and Second Streets was the perfect spot to take a poo break.  With cars at each of the four stop signs, Henry braked and did his thing mid-crossing.  Jeesh.  This is a first for me.  Blushing, I collected the gift with my little blue striped poop depository.  Two of the four drivers looked at me with chuckles and sympathy.  The other two were definitely not dog people. 

Stepping up the theme:  Today Henry and I did the uptown Whittier walk.  Beautiful sunny day.  Lots of people out so we could work on socialization.  Warm enough that I was walking with a cold blended coffee instead of my normal hot drink. 

You guessed it of course.  Right in the intersection of  Philadelphia Avenue and Bailey Street, opposite a popular every table occupied outdoor-seating cafe, Henry chose mid cross-walk once more as the best possible place to do his business.  At least this time only two cars had to wait - but the sidewalk diners more than made up for that.  No, I did not photograph either event. 



    Is that some sort of political commentary? What is that dog, some sort of pinko commie?

  2. Puppy Pampers! That's the answer or only walking him @ The South Fork. You don't have to pick it up here.

  3. Randall, He is not pinko commie! He's not. He's not. Just very liberal.

    And R and K - Puppy pampers! The very idea. Who do you think he is? Ladybird?