Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Henry and Friends

Have to tell you!  The cookies are such a hit.  I just break off a little piece and Henry will do whatever I need.  They are his favorite and so healthy. Nice!  I divided them up into sets of six and froze the sacks.  He only gets two cookies a day, so that was necessary to keep them from spoiling.  So easy, I just transfer the next sack to the refrigerator when the current zip-lock runs out. 

We made a trip to Arlo's house to share cookies with him -- and to start the painting of Otis' clubhouse.  So, of course it rained.

That was okay.  Henry needs his dog time. He and Arlo chased each other all around the yard for several hours.  Huge bonus: I got treated to Dana's spinach quiche and a delicious salad plus a great visit.

Now the serious stuff:  Henry's friend, CC and the cute little newby pup both missed the Monday class, so lucky us, we received one-on-one instruction from our fantastic trainer. My #1, among multiple "get busy with" efforts, was "appropriate behavior meeting strangers".  This is for both dogs and humans.  When we are out walking, Henry is to sit politely when approached.  This goes under the heading: I will believe it when I see it.

So, Henry and I are going uptown to walk.  Lots of people to walk by, and fair number of dogs too.  Wish us good luck! I am sure the cookies will make Henry behave in a mature and gentleman-like manner.

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