Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Blanket

I know.  Another baby picture?  Sorry, I can't help myself.  When I revisit his "baby" album on my computer, I can't get over the changes.

Henry was the scared pup in the litter.  When too much wrestling was happening, his rescue mom said he would distance himself from his siblings and hide out in his crate.

I could see that when I met the litter of pups, but the day I met Henry, he gave me the most kisses, so of course he was mine.  He still gives me tons of kisses and is excited and happy so see me every time.  It doesn't get much better than that!

Here is Henry in his sweet, darling munchkin disguise.  In the photo to the left, he is seven weeks and still living with his Mom and siblings. I brought him a blanket to sleep on in his rescue home.  They all used it until heading for his forever home in our house at eight weeks.

The idea is the whole doggie family sleeps with the blanket so all of the scents come home with Henry.  It is all about making the little guy comfortable and reassured when he comes to his adopted home. Cutest little guy ever, right?

Henry will be ten months old in a week!  He now has great cozy beds in several convenient places -- but he still drags his baby blanket out of his crate to where ever he has chosen to park.

He is just as cute as the baby Henry but is almost grown up - I am told he will be officially a big boy at twelve months.  I find it difficult to believe Henry will ever really be an adult.  True, he has not piddled on the floor in ages - except now and then when I missed his door hints.

But still - he drags that blanket out of the crate; he buries his nose in it; he uses it to pillow his head; he teases us with it to play tug a war.

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