Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Little Homesick

Henry's human grew up in Washington State and always enjoyed the winter.  The northern family and friends are currently experiencing winter and are sending along jealous-making photos.  First came temptation from the Toutle.  Roger sent me photos of Bambi's mama and her husband. See them in the top left photo - way down there enjoying dinner?

Then came the gorgeous winter scene from San Juan Island on the top right.  It would be fun to see Henry romp in the snow make puppy trails in the white. I'd have a real excuse to dress him up in winter gear!

I am winter-jealous - so we went for a walk.  We picked up coffee at the Coffee Bean and started our explore.  There are benefits to Southern California.  Many trees are in glorious bloom.  The orange trees are full of fruit.  Henry enjoys his sunshine filled walks - me too.  

Am I still jealous?  Yep.  There is something about the weather of your youth.  Crunchy snow, crisp air, bundling up for walks.  Lovely.

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  1. We still droole thinking about freshly picked avocados from your yard during a Christmas visit.