Monday, December 12, 2011

Please Don't Tell Henry!

Shhhhh.  It would upset him too much, so I am not telling Henry - but Hagrid seems to have gone over to the dark side.   Of all the characters Henry has followed on that silver screen, Hagrid is the one with which he most identifies!  Loving disposition, uncontrollable hair, affinity with all creatures...oh why did it all go so wrong?

....And what are the repercussions?  Will Gawrp imitate his big brother?  Is Hagrid's change a result of Gawrp's natural inclinations?  It just seems to open so many questions.

While dealing with the enormity of this, please remember,  Henry is still a pup and needs to be protected from the unexplainable.  Hermoine, Harry, Ron, and all the Hogwarts 7th years are adults now.  Henry is just eight months old.  A baby.

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  1. Don't diss the giants! Your brother is one of them!!!!!!