Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lennie and Albert

Lets see, where did I leave you?  Since my last post Lennie got into the cat food shoving aside a dog gate to get there.  She had to go in to the vet yet again, this time to have her stomach pumped.  Thank goodness Henry has a stronger digestive system.  We are careful too, but dogs are going to do doggie stuff!

Lennie is doing okay.  He and his buddy, Albert, are cuddling ... or perhaps testing the limits to see who can win the comfy bed war.  Henry still cannot play with Lennie because they are too rough and tumble together, and Lennie still has her tummy staples.

Henry is preparing for his long trip from Eugene Oregon to Whittier California.  He is getting all the cuddles with his "sister" Steph that he can get.

He has to save up since Steph will remain in Eugene with Albert and Miss Thing, the kitties.   Steph has a preference for the silly little meow boxes so he has a real interest in slobbering on her lots, so she doesn't forget him in the month away.

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