Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Trees Flowering, Puppy Dragging

     We have blossoms! Apple, plum, cherry and pear are all budding.  There is eye candy everywhere. 
     Spring has sprung.  Anacortes is even forecast for five days running with sunshine - and one day 70 degrees.  Oh my :-)
     And then there is Henry.  The pup has a case of the springtime blues or something.  Ever since his haircut he has been dragging - even when I get out his leash for a walk, he just looks instead of his typical leaps and wiggles.  He has been wearing his sweatshirts for warmth and still has his shivery moments.    

     Poor baby boy.  Papa peep thinks he might have picked up a bug at the groomers. Mom peep sees he is eating his kibble and chicken and has a cold damp nose as usual. Adoptive doggie parents worry.  



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