Monday, August 27, 2012

New Family Members

Life just gets better! 

We have two new family members.  Henry has not met them yet, but he is anxious to romp with these guys. 

Wyatt is a new pup living in Okanogan.  Wyatt is planning to keep his mom entertained and busy this school year.  He has a big spot to fill.  Henry's best buddy and Wyatt's sibling recently scampered off to join friends in puppy heaven. 

Wyatt's mom says, of course he is brilliant as well as handsome and funny.

Bentley is the new addition to the Toutle River site.  Daisy Mae is Bentley's sister, and he is just what she needs to keep her happy and busy when her Mom and Dad are at work. 

These two have already escaped their huge yard to spend a day on the river.  I have a feeling they will be collaborating on a regular basis to keep Roger and Karrie on their toes!

....yes. Here they are planning their next adventure. Shhhhh. Quiet. Roger and Karrie are listening.


  1. We are convinced that Bentley is a pure bred Springard he just needs a keg around his neck to bring out the Bernard.

  2. Neat friends Henry. Have a great Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly