Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Dance

First Eugene and Stephanie then Woodinville with Sam and Ryan and finally the joyous doggie reunion! Henry makes me feel so missed when I've been away. Okay, I know he loves everyone and anyone. He does his happy dance no matter who is at the door but I'm ignoring all that!

Today, Henry and I dropped Greg off for some Sunday catch up at the college and the pup took me for a walk discovering the exciting fluctuation fountain. Every approach was met with a geyser!

Now, if I could just talk Henry into approaching his bath today with as much enthusiasm!  He was in that water splashing about without hesitation.  No cowering by the door for this treat.

A week without Mama has left my sweetie matted and dirty. Doesn't take much time for that to happen to my curly little buddy.

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