Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Most Fun Ever!


After a stay at Crystal Cove State Park in our Burro, we made a stop at the Huntington Beach Dog Park. That was the most fun ever.

The beach is off leash and there were the nicest dogs there.  Henry's folks were concerned he would be out of control uncatchable -- but he was so excited about the environment it was perfect.

The moment he was let off leash, he did ten huge racing circles around the parents, then the investigations began.  There were so many wonderful smells!

This is our new favorite place.  It might take an hour to get here from home, but the trip is well worth the time!  Henry is one happy puppy.


  1. Oh Henry we love the beach. Try the beach by the Montage in laguna next
    Benny & Lily

    1. Benny and Lily,
      Thanks for the advice! We will try that beach. We didn't realize there was another that allowed us on the beach. Thanks!
      Wuff, Henry

  2. Its fun to see the pics of a pup having a good time, Henry! I am glad you found this special beach, I'd like to go there too.


  3. His Toutle cousins are envious!! Not sure they'd be coming back though.