Friday, August 30, 2013

An Update ...

Henry has been one busy doggie. When he last dictated his blog for me to scribe, we were in Woodinville Washington. We completed the leveling and rock base for Sam and Ryan's shed. Henry needed to rest up after his heavy supervision duties, so we headed to Eugene to Stephie's house.  There was chimney work and a damaged slab there to repair -and of course Henry wanted to be involved.


He barked advice and minor corrections...his help was invaluable.



Yes. I said invaluable. (That is definitely what he told me to type.) he was especially impressed with Stephie's pumpkin patch - but the red peppers and tomatoes were favorites too.  We also did a visit to the garden wall Stephie and friends built at the University of Oregon campus. 


So with that done - it was time to drop Greg off at the Portland airport for home. Someone has to work to support Henry in the manner he has come to expect. Next we get a couple of nights camping out with the favorite human, Sue (Henry is objecting. He says he likes Greg just as much and is very enthusiastic about Samantha and Stephie too). much for doggie treats today!

That blur is Henry's cousin Daisy Mae. Henry wanted it in there to show his visit to Karrie and Roger's house -- but Daisy is crazy active and that was the closest to a still shot in the camera!  So now just Henry and Sue are left in the little burro travel trailer and we are off for a couple of overnights on the road! First to Point Blank State park and a pretty good hike down to the ocean.

Then a night at lake Pleasant RV park. Pretty neat and great restrooms (fellow campers can will tell  you how special that is) but it was not necessary to post the ponds "no swimming". They looked pretty murky. There were ducks that kept encroaching on our site, but Henry the powerful wonder dog kept them at bay.

And finally, back to Woodinville. This is shed building day!! Tomorrow we'll show you the shed progress.  For some reason the builders aren't too interested in Henry's advice.  I know. That is so hard to believe!  Henry is stuck inside out of barking advice range.

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  1. What fun! Point Blank State park is purrrty. And a real punkin patch!
    Benny & Lily