Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sweat Free Construction....

This page is ongoing until the shed is built, painted and landscaped. I'll keep adding in case you are curious about how the looks develop.

Sweat-free construction for us. we are just taking photos of the workers and attempting to keep Henry happy.  Henry has conquered the semi-inflated garage ball game. His head tilt and wag combination has earned him lots of human playmates and exercise. Visiting a house with a construction project happening and four elderly kitties ruling the roost is a challenge for Henry boy - but it is a challenge conquered.

Today the construction On the shed is happening! Two workers are toiling flat out. After Seattle downpours on Thursday, today is just right.  Amazing how well the construction is progressing even without Henry's advice.

We prepared the base for the shed and it was very close to level.  We left three buckets of rock to aid the leveling if needed - but instead they used an untreated shim at the front left side.  Henry did not approve (neither did his parents). That seemed like a lazy shortcut.  We were told "no problem" - but Seattle is very wet and we'll be watching that section.  

There was a "yikes" moment when the builder told us our original plan with the door centered and windows on each side wouldn't work with the depth of shelves Samantha wanted - but we came up with a solution that worked for the construction team and for us. I think I like it even better than the original design.


The workers arrived around 9:00 a.m. And it is now 12:45 p.m. Pretty slick! They are doing a great job.  I think it is going to be both cute and functional.

Wall number three with a window and the shed door opening.  Pretty exciting!  On the wall to the right is the space for Sam's 20 inch potting bench. On the wall to the left (yet to appear) there will be a series of 16 inch storage shelves.  On the side with the two windows there was a long de-lamination in a section below the window.  

When we painted, we removed the unattached section, filled and sealed before painting. Grrr.

Below is the inside-out photo of the two window walls. There will be no electric, but I think these windows will let in plenty of light except after sundown.  If not, I saw a nifty small solar panel that is suppose to charge a battery enough for lights. 

After lunch - the roof!  Prior to building, there was a hiccough in the materials the home owner association would approve. They wanted the shingles to match to house. The builders supplied three tab, the association required Certainteed Presidential shake TL. Yes. That does sound important, doesn't it? The builders said no problem until they saw the shingles we purchased - they decided it was above their capability.  Humph.  The instructions were on the packaging.  It just required a 1/8th inch off set and was not really complicated - but more so than the bottom of the line three-tab.  Anyhow, they required shingles will look much better - if we can find someone to put them on the roof! The builders from Aurora cannot put them on.  The search is progressing as we speak!


The fellow above is finishing off the door.  So, below,  we are now on day two. Samantha and I stayed at the shed caulking until 9 last night. I am so glad we did because it took all day to seal the outside with Kilz. Five tubes of caulk and three gallons of sealer later...we are ready to start painting tomorrow!

Henry was a good boy. No barking unless I was out of sight plus only one, "Whoops,  where did that huge glob of paint on Henry's tush come from?" Not to worry - we caught it before it dried on his fur!
As always, Henry found the supervision demanding. Time to sleep.

Painting the inside was an adventure.  First I finished the back wall cutting the plywood to fit around the shelves on both sides.  The fit turned out surprisingly good!

Painting the ceiling was not so happy.  There was a de-lamination section above the door.  I peeled it back hoping to fill, but it ended up peeling all the way to a knot that exposed the roofing tar paper. It only turned out okay because we are having someone else to the roofing.  They will replace the section before they re-tar paper and shingle it. 

I think the ceiling de-lamination and the one under the windows were pretty serious quality control issues. 

Samantha found a accommodating roofer. He arranged for a fellow to come out and do the job on a Saturday since it was a small job.

Now we just have some planting and eventual replacement of the ramp to go. The ramp is solid and usable, but steeper than ideal and a just bit lower on one side than the other.

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  1. Wonderful storage area. I think I would add a window box to make it more homey.
    Sweet William The Scot