Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Chilly Winter Adjustments

Winter is almost behind us.  It is groundhog day! Henry and her cousin Marilyn are looking forward to laying out in the sun a bit, but as you can see, it isn't happening quite yet here in Anacortes.  When there isn't frost on the ground, the ground is soggy wet.

Henry did do the fake unicorn attempt, but that didn't make summer magic happen.  I think maybe he overheard too many Harry Potter readings over the years - he thought he could make it happen.

Some great news, we found another Red Shirt for Henry and cousin Guster.  He is the favorite toy out of the baskets full of goodies the boys play with.  Red Shirt one is a year old and has held up with amazing determination.  One leg has been sewn back on and Gus chewed the ears off, but the squeak still works and the rustle material still crinkles.  Great toy!  Henry does the terrier attempt to shake it apart and it holds.


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