Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mutt and Jeff

This I must share. These two sweeties are the current foster kitties at my daughter and son's home. Mutt and Jeff are their second set of fosters - the first set was a mama with five kittens. Mama Cat and the fostering couple were all overwhelmed with those five darling rug rats! I met these two the other day and they are adorable. I already have two, Otto and Vivika plus Henry the pup or I'd steal them away. I had forgotten how fragile baby cats feel when held. Under that fluff, there isn't much. These two are working on gaining the weight needed to have their pre-adoption surgery. I am sure they will be snapped up by new loving parents.  Hope they go as a set!  Henry was not given even a glimpse of the two babies. This is Henry pouting. He loves trying to herd the cats.

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  1. We can't foster cause we would keep every buddy
    Lily & Edward