Monday, July 16, 2012

The Olympics - a contender!!

Henry has signed up for a couple of events in the doggie blog Olympics!

He will, of course, be joining in for opening ceremonies but you must also watch for him in the following events:

July 28th - free style swimming with the splashing salmons

July 31st - couch potato peeling ills-Olympic.html

August 4th - Competitive Digging
hosted by Puddles

Henry plans to enter more...but he is exhausted from the workouts he has had to do in preparations. More later!!


  1. Hey theres, it's me Puddles!
    Ain't dis trainin' exhaustin'? I don't think I has evers been so tired in my life..hehehehe.
    YOU gots da couch peelin' down to an art.


  2. Hi Henry we look forward to seeing your entries. Nice of you pop by. We joined so we can now follow your antics.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh Puddles, we do agree about Henry being an expert at Couch Potato Peeling! He does it very well too I might add.

    See you Henry on the 31st! We'll be sure to look for you at the other events.

    Lily Belle