Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rainy Day

Henry and I will not be watering the gardens in the next few days. We have lightening and thunder and a cement sack splitting downpour.

There is a line of cars filled with disgruntled Sunday vacationers going over the bridge and heading back to town.

So much for the dock repair Greg planned or the clever cement sack stack bank reinforcement I planned. It has turned into a clean the house and replace the blinds day instead.

Henry is not silly enough to go outside to help with the rainy day put away tasks. His birth mom did not welp any dumb pups! Supervision through the window is good enough.


  1. What a good pup he is for keeping your indoor spot warm for you. Hopefully dry out soon. I just looked and don't see any rain in the picture on the 395 webcam, but if you want to stick to your story to get out of more outdoor labor, I'm Ok with that.

  2. It has stopped raining. Greg's working on the dock. I mixed the two broken sacks of cement in the wheelbarrow lined with plastic. Will the rest of the sacks dry out enough to be moved without splitting open if I wait? Henry was not sure.

  3. Oh we don 't like that wet stuff
    Benny& Lily