Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Project!

The computer ink stain Henry generously shared with the sunroom carpet has inspired a new project.

First clearing everything out, then pulling the carpet, pad, carpet strip, and scraping-scraping-scraping the glue. When that is done I will attempt removal of the baseboard without too much damage. Ah Henry. Currently in "jail". There are too many nails in the disaster zone.


  1. Oh Henry! Gotta watch out for those nails. I am sure your peeps are thrilled you shared the stain like that!

  2. Oh dear we recall the ink painting! Have a terrific Thursday Henry and sorry but jail sounds like a must.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. It is clear to me that Henry was framed! I suggest you have a serious talk with the nearest cat.

  4. Yah! The cats. I suspect Otto with the ink cartridge in the sunroom.

  5. We might get around to home improvement projects if we ever get a weekend that we're not trying to figure out where the two #*^@ dogs are getting out. They seem to stay 1/2 a step ahead. As we are taking care of the latest escape route they are planning their next. We might need to install an invisible fence around our fence, or just not let them back in next time.

    1. If you install an invisible fence around a regular fence does it make it a partially visible fence?

  6. I think it becomes a message to your escapees! Have they gotten out again? The are like a couple of sneaky teenagers!