Monday, October 1, 2012

Toy Carpet Syndrome

Henry has found a new play-thing. Last year, we tiled and installed wood floors in most of our house pulling carpet in all but three areas. The last three days, Henry has experimented with two of the remaining carpeted floors.

Evil me, Henry's Human, left the computer-stuff storage door open and Henry found an ink cartridge to chew. Got to say - it does not come out of carpet willingly.  I quit after attempting with three different products and scrubbing.  It spreads fairly well though.

Evil me, again, left daughter Stephie's bedroom door open and Henry thought, apparently, that it was a "diggable" offense.  Appropriately punished a hole was created.

I am not seeing easy fixes for either of the "Toy Carpet" areas.  Henry managed dead center.  I will try to do better - our guest bedroom remains carpeted without holes or ink.

 Clever Henry is doing fine.  He  was outside when Greg discovered the transgressions, and that gave him time to realize Henry's mother had messed up, not his boy.

Did he earn that nice bone?  Henry thinks so.  He did work really hard on those two carpet sections .... but wait.

Is that a smirk I see on the sweet little face to the left?  Sometimes I am just not sure.  


  1. Oh my Henry carpet digger and ink chewer. Wow it is mischief Monday. Have a lovely Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. You can always try to trim a few fibers from a closet and glue them into the bad spots or give Henry the wood floors he obviously wants in the rest of the house.

  3. It is like grass.....but he doesn't even have to go outside to eat!!!!