Friday, November 23, 2012

Another New Cousin

Holidays are great. Another new cousin.  This is Pixy. She is a three and a half year old pup with a challenge. Pixy has a paw that slows her down. Which is great for Henry. He can run laps around her, but it is not so hot for Pixy. She takes it slow and a trip around the block leaves her uncomfortable. That split you see on her right paw goes all the way up to the elbow. The doctor hadn't seen anything like that according to Pixy's mom and dad and was not confident that surgery would help.

Pixy is obviously loved tons though, and she knows it. She is not a romper - but this puppy cousin made Henry very happy. When she climbed into the car to leave, Henry was not a happy camper.

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.
Ours was fantastic.

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