Saturday, November 10, 2012

Evil Human

First time ever with any of my pets over the last sixty years: I cut Henry's nail to the quik! He bled! Didn't cry; didn't even give me a nasty look. Oh Henry. Poor sweet baby.


  1. Lucky you. Believe, me, if that had Billy you would have had your ear drums shattered by the supreme force of his megayip!!!

    Btw, we don't cut their nails anymore. Instead we use a dremmel tool. In essence it functions like a really fast nail file. Much easier to control!! We just slowly got them used to the tool first. Tool = treat. Then the tool on. Tool whirring = treat. Then closer, then the dremmel touching. By the time we did their nails with it they only cared about the treats!!

    1. That sounds interesting. Just a sanding disk?

  2. Oh you poor baby. That is moms biggest fear
    Benny & Lily

  3. Yes, someone has since taken that idea and made something called Pedipaws, which is specifically designed to be used on pets. They sell them on Amazon and a lot of pet stores. A coonhound's quick goes almost to the end of their nails, and since their nails are dark brown you really can't tell where it is if you are using a cutter, but a dremmel tool or pedipaws seems to give a lot better control since you are going from the end of the nail and sanding back. Anyway, since we've used that we have had no issues. Before that, we had our vet do the trimming and even they cut him to the quick several times!

  4. Aww poor Henry, your mum didn't mean it mate. Hope your toe is all better soon. Sending you a smoochie kiss. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory