Friday, January 4, 2013

Resolutions for 2013

Henry has thought it out - he is one smart dog if I do say so myself. I realize I'm a bit prejudiced in his favor being his human.....but here are his resolutions. Not being much of a typist, he asked me to record them.

 1.  Eat more treats in 2013.
 2.  Take my human for more and longer walks.
 3.  Nap on Mama's lap more often.
 4.  Work on my wave catching abilities.  I just know I can get one!
 5.  Go visit my doggie cousins when ever possible.
 6.  Continue to perfect my squirrel and bird chasing skills.
 7.  Get more tennis balls so I can chase them and not bring them back - and the folks will still have more to throw.
 8.  Join my folks camping out in Bennie the Burro whenever Mom hooks it up to the car.
 9.  Chase Otto and Vivika Cat every time Mom or Dad pet them.
10. Take way, way fewer baths. Swimming in the lake is great.  Baths are yucky!

.....but he looks so sweet after a bath.  I don't think that is going to happen.  Sorry Henry.

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  1. Nice!!

    Billy was going to make some resolutions as well, but then he fell asleep.