Friday, January 25, 2013

San Elijo Camp Out

This place is beautiful. The camping is surrounding a busy surfing beach. Kids and dogs are everywhere - except  on the beach no dogs there unfortunately. We had a pod of whales spouting anemone the kelp beds to watch.I've never seen that before and although Henry could care less I thought it was amazing.

...and our very own birthday girl surfer. And coming back from the beach freezing ready to warm up in the burro. 

Several days later, Henry is paying the price.  His human is battling a huge cold. Boring! No walks, no tug-a-war. The camp out walks don't count. That was then, it is all about now. Payback time when the coughing stops!


  1. Poor Henry!! How inconsiderate of his human to get sick!!! Billy and Momo's female human is sick right now too. The punks have noooooo sympathy for her!!!

  2. My sympathy to Misumi. Doggie critters are all about themselves. I found a Henry jacket helped me. He can cuddle as if he really cared....he didn't, but also didn't know his warmth was lovely so I benefitted.

  3. You can't take those humans anywhere! Looks like a great place. We love seeing the whales
    Benny & Lily