Thursday, June 13, 2013

Trip and Trip Preparations

My phone would not forward photos or post - today it has been I-phone Genius fixed so here is a quick check on my post Eugene travels with Henry - The top photo is our spot at Castle Crags State Park in Northern California - it was our first night driving south from Eugene.  It was beautiful and quiet, but Henry and I were pooped, so we really just slept through the experience and didn't manage to hike much.
The second night was at San Luis Reservoir State Park in Central California.  Who would have known there was a huge reservoir hidden away just a few miles off the highway?  Very nice - and down a couple of spots there was another fiberglass trailer!  It was the only fiberglass I saw on the way south.  I was right on the reservoir and there were only three spots taken in the camp on our mid week visit.  Nice!  
Currently my boy Henry is at the groomers.  He is getting polished up for a few days at the kennel.  Yes, I dread the thought of the kennel, but he seemed to like it pretty well on his last single night visit and this time (since it will be three nights) I've reserved a large room with a TV and pet videos. I am not going to make him fly with us to Stephanie's graduation - so that's what we came up with.  He needs people and play time.  So here is my handsome boy pre-groomers.

For our next excursion I'm working on covering a second pad for the goucho bed.  One with just 3" thickness was not working for sleeping.  And, no! I did not manage to match the stripes.   Life is just not perfect.  There is a surprise.

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  1. Sounds like a great adventure for Henry. We don't have Lassie or RinTinTin on video, but we do have trees, squirrels, deer and a river. They'll have to do.