Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wedding Weekend

Henry, Sue, Greg and Steph went on a wedding camping weekend.  Wedding attendees filled a large section of a campground and Henry got very, very dirty.  It was a great weekend.

The bride was lovely, of course. Her son walked her through the grass and trees to the groom. Henry was well behaved - he and Greg patrolling the perimeter of the festivities. The travel trailer was too warm to leave the pup.

As a reward for being such a good boy, Henry got a portrait plate made by the brides mom!  Very neat.

The camping included great food and yummy smores and campfire popcorn - plus, of course, visits with old and new friends.  On the trip down the mountain, we passed Idlyewild and some really beautiful dry forest vistas.  We may need to make another trip up that twisty road - there appears to be some great hiking possibilities. The mountain is littered huge boulders laying exposed on top of both hills and gullies. I want to closer look!  Henry sees them as many pee possibilities!

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