Friday, July 5, 2013

Henry Helping

The Toutle River annual 4th of July parade ..... Is being held on the 6th this year. We did watch fireworks over the river but Henry was not impressed with the explosions and sparkles. For him it is all about the parade. Here he is, testing the floats. So far he has not suggested improvements, but that may come later.


  1. Nice job testing those floats!!! :) Hope you got a morsel of dropped food or so.

  2. The count was exactly 40. Ages 6months to 91 yrs. plus 7 hounds. One motor home, two travel trailers, one tent trailer and most importantly a porta potti.

    1. We had a fantastic time! Working on posting the parade :-) Dogs and their peeps have to see the awesomeness is the Sadler Toutle Parade!!

  3. That looked super duper fun Henry!
    I know what you mean about fireworks, they're nasty little/big things, aren't they?
    Happy belated 4th,
    Pippa :)