Friday, July 12, 2013

Travels with Henry

Henry just cannot understand.  Miss Thing just does not want to play. Nope. No wrestling for that lady. No chasing either. She has to hiding spots. One in the closet and one under the bed between bed boxes. You don't see her photo her? Humph. That is because we don't see her either.  I did help the peeps paint the house, weed the garden and check out the neighborhood in Eugene. 

Then The folks camped out in a really beautiful place. It's called Dennie Creek Campground and it is on the Snoqualmie Pass in Washington.  This is a picture of Dennie Creek. Our campsite was just as pretty - but wooded and dry.


Then we went to visit the cousin in Okanogan. His name is Wyatt and he is a herding dog. He thought I was a sheep and he did a lot of Henry herding - but really I was just demonstrating leadership qualities. I led Wyatt all over the place.  He did show me the fountain and shared bones and toys. He is a pretty neat dog.  Then the Peeps helped Tante Kathy put together a house for two feral cats.  It gets pretty cold in the winter.  She heats it and everything. 

Here I am with Wyatt checking it out. Pretty slick!  Then I had to say "bye" to Kathy and Wyatt, her two indoor cats and the two feral cats.  We went off to the lake.  At the lake, I just can't decide between fishing and duck hunting. 


  1. We are wanting to go camping now that we see all the beautiful pictures. Keep telling her to play. Push her with your head like I do
    Benny & Lily

  2. Great pictures. Did the ferns make it? Henry needs to make the leap of faith.