Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pesky Pets

The material has arrived to complete the curtains for the Burro. I did finish the first three windows and have three to go.  Here is what they look like since the kits are not sharing fabric right now. http://henry-dogslife.blogspot.com/2013/04/bolsa-chica.html

Otto and Vivika have decided that if they park their little bodies on the project, then I cannot make the curtains and cannot leave.  Ah, tricky kitties!

....so Henry and I went on a walk. Check out his long leash. Does it appear that he has altered the original design? He blames it on Otto.  I know I will be getting a new one for my birthday.  Yes, I am at that point when my birthday and my Christmas is all about Henry -- as it should be!

Finally, I am including a photo of a small corner of our garden before it fades.  I love the spring.  Cool enough to to go on long walks, warm enough for the plants to get busy.  My apple tree has lots of little baby apples growing. The blooms are off the orange and lemon trees and the trees are filled with fruit.

Time to go out to give the avocado and citrus trees some encouragement with fertilizer - time to weed and feed the lawn.  (Henry hates it since he will be corralled away from the lawn areas for a week.) Time to replace the soakers and replace a couple of broken sprinkler heads.


  1. That is. Beautiful garden photo! Enjoy it while you can!

  2. That is the longest leash. Hope you had a fun walk
    Benny & Lily