Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Protecting Henry

Henry has been so helpful!

Sometime during the night he ventilated the blow up bed in the travel trailer. I am guessing he felt it was just too soft. So, this morning we went out to replace it with something firmer - I do hope he approves. It seems a bit unforgiving to me, but as long as Henry is happy....

Today I began the lead paint removal on my daughter's garage. Of course I do not want a stupid pup, so after I suited up with protective gear, Henry got tied to the Burro so he could watch at a safe distance.

Unfortunately he recognized the tie up as an invitation to bark at every passing thing. For some reason that was not popular with the neighbors. Into the burro he went! With the radio on and a chew toy to entertain him, he did great. Good puppy!

As a reward, Henry got to go to lunch with Steph and me. We had a sunny warm day. Perfect!

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  1. A perfect day. Glad your bed is nice and comfy
    Benny & Lily