Friday, September 16, 2011

Arroyo Pescadero

Henry took me on the 15 mile loop in the Whittier Hills!  Okay, okay, I know the map does not say 15  or even 5 miles. However, when a hike is entered into with enthusiasm and you did not read the distance sign and you did not bring water for yourself or your pup you do need to have your head examined.

It was a nice hike and we will do it again.  Lots of hills and switchbacks. Interesting changes in scenery. No one else around. No houses in sight. No traffic noise.

When we made our way out and read the sign,  it said we just managed a two mile loop. It felt much longer -- but maybe that was because Henry wanted to be carried up the hills toward the end of our adventure.

He is currently sleeping the sleep of "Henry - the mighty nature dog."


  1. When dealing with dogs I believe the general rule is to multiply by 7. 14 mile hike is a heck of an accomplishment!! You've become a blog wizard and I now feel inadequate.

  2. Ha. I'm retired. What else am I doing but mopping up puppy puddles and recording the event?