Monday, September 12, 2011

The Fussy Eater

Have you read Mrs. Pigglewiggle?  I am having a "Mrs. Pigglewiggle" moment with Henry.

He is a very fussy eater.  He likes to spread his intake out over the whole day and night. One kibble at a time.  I believe he does consume the correct amount - about one and one-fourth cups of Royal Canin Mini Puppy Kibble a day.  He is healthy and perky with that, but spreading out the feeding does not help with the potty training.

To work on the potty training I've done two things:
First:  I've cut feedings down to three times a day and I am adding just less than a teaspoon of yogurt to each feeding. He gobbles the half cup down in seconds.  I take him for his walks fifteen minutes after meals and he usually tends to do his business in the yard as soon as we get back home.
Second: When we are indoors, which is most of the time, I am keeping him either on leash with me (usually by my chair or in the chair) or in his indoor fence with his toys and crate.

We have pretty much eliminated the indoor "accidents" - we will see how that lasts when I eventually take him off leash and have an open fence policy.

My question is this:  is a tablespoon of yogurt a day a problem?  I understand it is on the list of human foods that are okay in moderation, but is that amount okay in an 11# puppy?

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