Friday, September 30, 2011

Six Month Birthday

Celebrating his birthday, Henry is at the vets.  Today Dr. T. does the neutering.  Poor clueless Henry.  He gave puppy kisses to everyone in sight.  He is so sweet and I know they will give him the best care. But the thought of him being put under for surgery is pretty sad-making.  To make it worse, they keep him until tomorrow.  The house seems unusually empty with two cats and no Henry.

Last night, Henry had his third puppy class.  He was darling and hopeless.  As soon as we drove into the lot in front of Petsmart, Henry went crazy.  He was so excited about seeing the other dogs he could not contain himself.  Henry wiggled and wagged all the way in an through the store.  Joy! Other dogs! Absolutely pure "wonderful".

We practiced "leave it" and "sit and stay" with equal lack of success.  He does pretty well at home, but in the presence of greatness (other dogs and distractions) he is too distracted for success - but hilarious at the same time. Ah, I would love to have a local dog park.

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