Saturday, September 10, 2011

Henry's Humans

My friend Dana is Debbie's niece.  Deb sends Dana puppy photos and we scurry over on the same day to visit.  All those puppies!  Henry offers the most licks but is shy and doesn't tumble with the other puppies as much.  He is a darling little guy who almost fits in one hand.

So Henry comes home with me and meets his Second Human - Second Human agrees that Henry is ..... definitely a dog, and yes.  He stays.

Henry doesn't bark yet.  He is so quiet.  I am sure he is missing his pack of siblings and his mom, but he settles in on the blanket with their scent. From that first night, in his crate next to the bed, Henry manages to make it all night without accidents.  What a guy!  A few little sad sounds are quieted with a couple of fingers in the crate to cuddle with.

1 comment:

  1. Watch out! He's totally camouflaged with your floor. Don't step on him!