Thursday, September 22, 2011

Second Puppy Class

Thursday 10 a.m.
Last Thursday the instructor's stated plan was that every puppy will pass the class.  He is a nice young man and I would hate to see him disappointed.  Last week we learned how to make the puppy focus on us and how to teach the pups to sit.  Henry does both when not distracted.

However....if you are a "Psych" fan you saw how easily Gus distracted Shawn with a candy bar.  Put that in the context of Henry getting distracted by a feather falling silently in another room and out of sight.

Henry wants to please so completely....oh, what?  Butterfly, bird, grass, bee, dust, paper scrap ... and of course the universal nemesis ... an interesting smell.

Practice, practice, practice!

Thursday 8 p.m.
Hum ... puppy class was amazing.  Amazing if my dog had been asked to perform jumps and barks and skittering.  Henry was so excited to see all the other dogs.  We practiced in the glass room for awhile then went into the store to reinforce all the lessons Henry had not absorbed.  He was darling.  So excited!  Dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs .... Henry was in heaven. Considering Henry, we did okay.

What we are working on (still):
1. focus (On me.)
2. sit and stay there for at least 30 seconds (Ha, fat chance so far.)
3. walk loose leash (Maybe 3 steps tops without pulling today.)
4. down and hold that for at least 30 seconds (I get his head close to the floor and he gets the treat.  I'll have to try when he is exhausted and wants to go down.)

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  1. He sure is cute. I'm glad Henrys human, Greg is getting more obediant with his tug a war techniques. I'm pretty sure the only reson why Henry is easily distracted is because he cares so much about everyone elses well being. I also know that the choice of food can, and will make a difference with humans odors, and I bet the same will apply with Henry. I'd be asking R & K sofa party.