Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The pup, Henry,  plays tug-a-war with Greg - his human father figure.  There is lot of tug, tug, grrr, grrr, tug going on!  When Greg releases, Henry looks up startled and drops the toy. Henry seems to think that Greg will learn eventually, but it is like potty training, just when the learner seems to get it, the lesson falls apart. 

Marilyn and Kathy visited today.  Marilyn is Henry's favorite.  He can barely contain his excitement when he hears her voice.  He races around the backyard and plunges into his water tub up to his tummy - out again and races around and back to plunge once more. He never does that when we are on our own. He races, but does not plunge. 

What is it that dogs identify in a voice?  Henry only sees Marilyn once a week.  He is too rambunctious for her to pick up - Marilyn is in her 80s and she brings out crazy puppy love in Henry.  Next week I must get a shot of them together.  

Ideas on fumigating the pup would be nice.  What I have read says a bath once a month is about all dog skin will tolerate.  He does smell like a dog, in not a nice way.  Does a change in diet make a change in dog smell?  Smelly or not, he is adorable.  It would just be nice to have the two match in a positive way.  



  1. I'm pretty sure if you feed him nothing but chili he will smell different and so will the house. You could also try vicks vapo rub under your nose like the forensic people do. If those aren't the kind of route you're looking to take, then we're of no help.

  2. Thanks tons! I do remember a dog of mom and dads that had horrible odor and they changed food to something.....and the change was incredible.