Sunday, November 3, 2013

Henry and Sue - (Maybe) Getting in Shape

Henry and I are trying. We've been walking too fast to whip out the camera on our walks, but as you can see, that 5k isn't going to happen anytime soon.  We are heading in the right direction but at the end of our "briskness" this is where we end up. A short crash to recharge.

11/5 -- Other neat stuff? Stephie arrived yesterday for a birthday visit.  So nice to have her home for a few days.  Today Steph, Henry and I went to Ikea (Henry in the basket) and then to Anaheim Wholesale Nursery and Landscape Supply.  Henry was such a good puppy.  Ok course he got lots of "Oh, he is so cute" comments…

Steph and I attempted the removal of an oleander when we returned - so of course Henry got lots of rake attacking and dirt collection done.

If Henry's admirers at Ikea could only see him now with his lower half coated with dirt they would not be so enthusiastic.  Lucky Henry, I am too pooped from attacking the oleander to give him a bath.

11/1/13:  33 minutes brisk walk.
11/2/12:  We won't even talk about the 2nd. What an embarrassment.
11/3/13:  29 minutes brisk walk.
11/4/13: 21 minutes brisk walk.
11/5/13: No walk day!  ….but Steph and I spent a couple of hours cutting down and cleaning out a dying oleander bush (one of many still to go).


  1. You are doing a good job either way

  2. Thanks Lily, but keeping Sue moving is such a chore! What dogs have to put up with. Wuff. Henry