Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Laughing at the Peeps

In Henry's backyard, there are about 45 feet of oleanders creating a very solid hedge.  Well, it was once solid - still solid but now scraggly. The oleander bug has got the plants in its greedy little clutches and the hedge is dying.  The plants were installed many years before we moved in -- and have continued to grow during the 15 years we have lived in the house.  Until about a year ago, the plants were trimmed to 8 feet tall and about 4 feet deep.  They were happily thriving with their foot of oleander mulch. Now the poor darlings are dying out and looking pretty sad.  
Now I ask you, is it too much to expect Henry to do his part in the removal of these old monsters?  I made the request politely and all I got was an enthusiastic head shake.  Pretty rude if you ask me!  When my folks wanted work to be done, it got done (well, most of the time anyway).  Ah this younger generation - what is he? Generation X or Y or Z?
Worse than that, he laughed at me and the whole concept of helping out at home. He did watch the instructional pulling-the-roots video with me.  He just needs to dig down two feet around the plants in about a four foot circle cutting the roots as he goes along.  He can't officially count, but perhaps he understands the concept of 10 huge root balls.  Smart puppy!


  1. That stuffis poisonous, don't taste it

    1. Henry has never been tempted, thank goodness.

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