Saturday, November 23, 2013

Scary Vet

Time for Otto and Vivika to go to the vet for an update on their shots.  Out come the two carriers.  The cats disappear.  Really disappear.  Guess who gets to go for his shot today instead of Monday?  Henry.

Still pouting - 
No problem getting Henry in the car -- but when we arrive at the vet's office he does not want out of the car. He definitely does not want to go through that office door.  Even worse: Henry trembles so much that there can be no doubt that we abuse the poor boy.

The shivering pup goes in for his shot with mama leading him to the scary stuff, and two minutes later he dances out attempting to jump and run in circles on his leash.  Joy, joy, joy!  The peeps in the waiting room laugh at the before-and-after demonstration by our little wuss.
Pouting? I'm in too!

Otto and Vivika reappeared when Henry comes home.  They have the weekend to get used to the re-emergence of their carriers.  We'll try again on Monday.  For Henry, next time I'll consider leading him with a nice marrow bone.

Otto and Vivika seem to know my evil plan.  A marrow bone will not work for those two!

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  1. We don't like the V-E-T either, don't know why Mum makes us go sometimes :(
    Have a great week!