Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Scary Snowman

Don't you just hate it that it is not even Thanksgiving and the winter holiday music is already playing?  Me too.  This is not taking it that far -- but it did make me laugh.  I wonder how our boy, Henry, would react!

Henry attacks falling leaves.  He goes crazy when the squirrels visit our orange and avocado trees.  I would imagine there would be a whole lot of barking going on with the angry snowman!  That snowman is earning a noisy Henry attack in return!

And, from Pet Blogs United --
1. For those of you up north, be sure to give your cow time to get off the warm hood before you move the car…..and

2.  This is for my brother and sister, Randy and Misumi.  I think this would be a great look for Billy and Momo.  Get busy with those knitting needles!

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