Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Bad Hair Day

Recently my Auntie Lola gave us Grandma Wallitner's bread recipe. So Stephie and I made bread with the able but part time  assistance of Henry.  Very part time. Henry went in to have a comb-out and trim -- but there was a bit of a language barrier apparently (or maybe just a new groomer) and Henry came back looking pretty short haired and ragged. 

I did explain that the plan was to allow his locks to lengthen with a bit of managed care. It was about two and a half inches long in the short areas pre- grooming. Instead Henry got all but an inch cut off and that remaining fur even looks a bit whacked. Henry's mama is disappointed. Good thing he is such a sweet loveable little guy, because there isn't a lot to love about the $45.00-plus-10% tip grooming.

So, back to the bread. It fills the house with great memories of Grandma-who must have been about my age when those memories formed. I'd visit their three story shingle house in Port Angeles. When I'd hear Grandma and Grandpa were up, I'd go down the steep stair case into the kitchen. She'd fix me creamy sugared coffee and toasted fresh bread with cinnamon and sugar. So, that's what Steph and I did this morning.

Henry did not get any of the bread, much to his disappointment, but he did get lots of hugs and sympathy for his bad hair day and some bacon as a consolation prize.

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