Thursday, November 14, 2013

Henry Staying Hydrated

 What is it about dogs?  Henry has two perfectly good water bowls outside.  They are clean and changed regularly.  Humph.  Where does he belly up to the bar?  The water fountain.  Do I clean it?  Nope.  Do I rinse it out? Yes, but rarely.

I am counting this as an example of sympathy drinking. I mention this because Henry is still not helping with the removal of the oleander hedge.  The work has progressed up to radically cutting back the fourth oleander with  more to follow.  So, of course hydration is important.  Henry watches for awhile, takes a few slurps from the fountain and has found a lovely spot in the 95 degree heat to snooze until he deems it necessary to give his peeps more oleander encouragement.

Marmaduke's creator, Brad Anderson has come up with the perfect solution for the hefty root balls we will be dealing with soon.  Unfortunately Henry does not bury his bones.  He collects them in his toy box for further action.  Maybe I can trick him--doubt it though.


  1. Oh Henry tell mom stop cleaning your bowls and maybe you will drink out of it, BOL