Friday, November 18, 2011

Chilly Weather

My feet are cold and I am wiggling my toes to keep them warm.  I have the gas fireplace cranked up and am huddled close.  When I take Henry out to do his business, my toes are colder yet, but he refuses to go alone -- just too cold outside and he is too spoiled I guess.  Not Nanook of the North!

That Washington State Department of Transportation photo taken near the turnoff to Loon Lake gives a hint about the weather.  The weather near our summer cabin, not the weather here.

I'm whining about Southern California - our November home.  No snow - ever.  My chilly toes are in flips and Henry is kitted out in his blue BaxterBoo hoodie. I really dread the change over to close toes shoes with socks.  I guess it is time. We are a couple of wimps, Henry and I.  In our defense, I'll bet no one at Loon Lake did weeding today.  I did! Not much, but some.


  1. Horrible!!!

    We actually turned on our heat today since it got down to the 20s last night! And no sweater....yet....for Billy or Momo!

  2. Where the heck are the photos of Billy and Momo? So....your dogs are studs and studettes - they need to be included in my slideshow.

  3. 24 deg. and watching squirrels feed. Hunter has no sweater either, but really only wants to go an short walkabouts to do his business and take a sniff or two.

  4. 24 degrees at the Toutle? Jeesh. Maybe we need to stay in Southern California. Henry and I went for a walk this morning and got rained on. Inky sky and cold breezes. Back to the fireplace for me!

  5. What the heck is with the Corn Dogs? If they truly belong one this site, I'm never eating another.
    Karrie says Target has fun inexpensive dog outfits.