Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Guiding Dog

"Lily is a Great Dane who has been blind since a bizarre medical condition required that she have both eyes removed. For the last 5 years, Maddison, another Great Dane, has been her sight. The two are, of course, inseparable."

This came to me via Greg's sister, Kathy who got the posting from our cousin Olivia - so heartwarming. I wonder how the two dogs figured out how to fulfill each others needs. They appear to be happy and fun loving pals. But, you know it takes a lot of thought by both of the dogs to make Lily's life work.

Although not up to the standards of Lily and Maddison, Henry does take care of me.  He naps with me when I need it, and rarely licks enough to wake me up - if he is tired out.

Jumping down from the back of the couch on my stomach makes me take notice, but I am sure it is just to check on my continued existence - not to chase Otto the cat.  Henry is, perhaps, not cut out to be a guide dog, but comes under the category as a useful cuddler and does take me out for exercise on a regular basis.  Those things count even if not as amazing as those awesome Great Danes. Thoughtful little fluffy pooch.


  1. Wow!

    1. Those are BIG dogs!
    2. That is an awesome story!!!
    3. Somehow I can't quite imagine Momo ever leading Billy around like that..........

  2. Amazing story! Hunter could use one if he goes off our place.