Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Second Intermediate Class

Class went great.  Henry and I got to know Cinnamon (the big dog that frightened Henry last week) and his owner before class.  Cinnamon is certainly rambunctious but beautiful.  Cinnamon's owner is probably 13 or 14 and embarrassed when Cinnamon misbehaves.

He uses his angry voice when his tail wagging six month old lunges or barks.  The pup just wants to have a good time.   I let him mouth my hand in greeting a couple of times and that seemed to make Cinnamon's human more relaxed...and probably Henry as well.

All the while, Henry is tail wagging and cautious but willing.  I think the days at PetSmart in doggie day care were great for him.  He was much more confident and no trembling at all.

Work on reminders from class two:
1.  walk at heel - no pulling.
2.  sit and stay - extend time
3.  down and stay - extend time
4.  Henry eyes focusing on me
5.  try it all increasing distractions

Use "okay" consistently as the release from a command.
I need to be careful to use the release word and not a physical reaction.
Give  "yes" when he makes eye contact or does a desired action with a treat.

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