Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trembling Cautious Canine

First intermediate class last night.  I really like the instructor.  She does obedience with a couple of her own dogs.  Henry loved her!  Only three dogs showed up: one tiny (yip, pant, yip, pant), one big dog (bark, bark, pull, pull, bark, pull) and Henry.  Henry loves the little female and is very frightened of the big dog and is, of course as always, distracted by them both.

It will be interesting to see how it goes with the big dog.  He is beautiful, but quite a handful.  The trainer worked with each of us individually last night and gave some great suggestions for taking Henry to the next level, but only after sending the big dog out to be walked a bit.  Henry still spent most of his time watching for the big dog through the window. I've never seen my boy tremble before.  Pathetic. 

Work for this week:
1.  sit and stay - do it with the food.  Have Henry sit and stay then lower his food in front of him.  Don't give it if he does not maintain his sit and stay.  He will undoubtedly slim down some.
2.  walk in position - while he walks on left side, hold leash with right hand and offer treats with the left hand when he makes eye contact and is in heal position.  The idea is to keep his head at my leg instead of in front of it.  If I reach across instead of straight down, I'm leading him too far forward.  I'm going to have to roast another chicken.  He will do anything for that treat. 

I do think this will be a great class for Henry if I can get him over his wariness of the big dog.  That is going to be a challenge.


  1. Nice! Henry should meet his medium sized cousin--Momo the Malicious--and his larger sized cousin--Billy the Big, Beautiful, and Boneless (aka B+B3). Then he could realize that even some big dogs are true chickens!!

  2. Henry get some balls, Oh that's right, never mind.

  3. Gosh dang it! I just noticed you past me in page views. We've only got three states to go. ND,AR and AK. Then I'm not sure. Continents?

  4. How about countries? That'll keep you going for awhile - and brush you up on your world map a bit too.