Monday, November 14, 2011

Puppy Owner's Heaven

I like going to the pet store.  Its filled with lots of fun I-really-do-need-it and impulse-buy possibilities.  It isn't as great as shopping for Samantha and Stephanie 30 and 20 years ago  But they formed opinions early - no dress up dolls in this family!  Well, until Henry. He can be talked into anything if I use my enthusiastic voice.  

This time we could not do without:
One pair of Scaredy Cut scissors - (hair is hanging in Henry's eyes again)
One Kong treat toy - (can't have the boy bored - that's when he misbehaves)
One doggie stay in place training mat - (need it for the third training class)
One washable, reversable Henry bed - (he keeps dragging the bed out of his crate)
One tube of delicious training treats - (class with lots of distractions tonight)


As you can see, the bed worked out well - one try and he dragged his crate bed out to chew on.  The kong has become his new favorite bark-at-it toy.

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