Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Onion Landscaping --

For those of you bemoaning the fact that you missed the opportunity of apple pie and all the transfer of bricks, soil and broken rebar'd cement -- do not despair! There seems to be plenty more where that came from.  In fact it is like an onion - when you peel back one layer and there is another and another underneath.

Yesterday afternoon Henry went to his baby bed when we came in for a break.  Now that might not mean much to you but think in terms of a five year old wanting to leave the "big boy bed" and returning to his cradle.  He must have been very pooped.

We are taking our morning break again today. I did do a rinse and towel off before I let him in, but Henry is still pretty grubby.  Nothing like mud to make this guy happy.  Don't worry about it.  He is on Greg's chair, not mine.

We did our class last night.  Henry spun in excitement when he saw CC.  Very happy to be there!  He practiced more on the "place" and is learning to stay remotely.  Or, in his case not remotely learning to stay.

A new fun one is spinning.  And I must say with complete accuracy, a pig can put Henry to shame.  No really, check out the video of my instructor filming her boyfriend's pig.
Too cute.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4U_g1JUtNk 


  1. I prefer the second photo, he's such a man dog in it. He will always fit in on the So.Fork. The pig doesn't stand a chance if put up against Oh Henry!

  2. What is that dirty mop doing on Greg's chair??!!! How rude!!!!