Monday, November 7, 2011

Pets Hotel Pawgress Report

He went - he saw - he maybe conquered?  

Henry spent three nights in the Pets Hotel and was happy and chipper when I picked him up.  I did attempt a reunion video on my cell phone, but it did not work out well - it involved a lot of enthusiastic jumping and puppy tongue smear marks on the lens.  In other words, exactly what a proud puppy owner wants to see but exactly what does not work well for video.

Henry received his visit progress report, and he did fine - documentation is in the second photo frame on the left for your perusal and evaluation.  I do wish I could have had a spy!  

I would like to know how he interacted with the other dogs in more detail.  I guess I'll get a pretty good idea when Henry and I go back to PetSmart to take his Monday intermediate class tonight!  

He has always been so anxious to get in the door to see what there is to see (who knows what gets him most excited: furry creatures, huge heaps of dog food and puppy treats, the thrill of the classroom....). If he is still anxious to get into the store, I'll know it really went well.  I do have some yummy new puppy training treats, so no matter what, it will all be good.


  1. I'm sure his excitement is based on his need to please you by being a good student. The treats and furry friends may have a tiny bit(e) to do with it.

  2. Nice!! I hope that you made sure to get him the deluxe suite at the Pets Hotel, complete with mink covers on the furniture and complementary doggy massage! :-)