Friday, November 25, 2011

Just Saying

Henry is supervising the landscaping work again.  He checks it out very thoroughly then digs to rearrange as needed.  I've replanted parts of the ground cover three times so far.  I know I should have waited -- but it was sitting there in its flat hinting that it should be planted right now. In my defense, Henry agreed.  I just didn't realize what motivated the agreement.

So, ever critical, Henry is checking out my work in preparation  for his distruction moves.

Now, of course, he is soil colored up to his tummy and snout to eyes.  Plus, there is lots more to do which means that Henry will be collecting tons more dirt.

I understand I am suppose to limit baths to once a month - but really - he does not look charming. I am envisioning a dunk pool at the back door entrance; just a little something with a wash and rinse cycle then a drying room that fluffs his furry little head.  

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